February 2017

A month full of so many bright things but also the worst month of my life.

2nd Lunch at Chiquito

My Grandad wanted to go to Chiquito since it first opened in Truro so we decided to go for lunch and then have a mooch around The Range to find some bargains.



3rd A day with Rowan

I looked after Dan’s nephew for a few hours and I was completely knackered for the rest of the day! When he settled down for a little nap I almost nodded off too…



7th Getting the chop

I went for a trim and decided that I was just going to go shorter. It feels so much better and I usually regret having my hair cut but not this time!



8th Tehidy walk

I went for a little walk in the woods with Dan’s Mum and nephew. There were plenty of puddles, hot chocolates and wet feet!



11th Birthday night out

On the Saturday I celebrated my 21st birthday with my bestest friends. Being a perfectionist, I had a bit of a drama before everyone arrived but it was soon sorted as the drinks were flowing, the balloons were blown up and my tiara was on.



14th My 21st Birthday

My 21st birthday was spent with Dan. He treated me to a burger at Boo Koos and we spent the rest of the day on the sofa as we were too full to move. We also had a little visit from Rowan who hand delivered my card and ate my Lindt chocolate bunny….



15th We got a cat!

The day after my birthday we adopted a cat! Jaffa is estimated 10 years old, a little grumpy, always hungry and my fluffy baby. Coming home was interesting to say the least, but he’s settled in well since.


16th Lunch at Trevaskis

I celebrated my birthday with my Grandparents at Trevaskis Farm. The food is amazing and the dessert selection is insane!



17th Feeding the lemurs

My 21st birthday present from my Mum was for Dan and I to have a lemur feeding experience at Newquay Zoo. It was so so incredible!! I didn’t expect the lemurs to be so friendly. I am extremely grateful that I could experience it. Afterwards we went to Pizza Express and then we watched a guitar show in the Hall For Cornwall which was amazing!



On the 18th February 2017, my Mum passed away on her 51st birthday. The moment that I heard the news was the worst pain that I have ever experienced in my life. It still doesn’t feel real to me. She was an amazing woman who endured so much in her life. She was such a character and my only hope is that she is at peace and that she will watch over me forever. It pains me to think that she will not walk me down the aisle one day or hold my hand when I give her grandchildren, and knowing that all she wanted was to be a granny. I love you Mum, I will live my life to the fullest for you.





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