Life Lessons… Sort Of

So basically I haven’t blogged for over 4 months which is so bad. People have actually told me that they miss my posts so hello again!

It’s been kind of eventful the past few months and I’ve learned a few things which I am about to share with you.

Don’t let a stupid person call you stupid

And don’t let them tell you that you’re not the bus queen because you are girl!👑

(I understand that this will make no sense to most people but I can’t really tell the story here because I might get into trouble. My work friends will appreciate this though.)

Always re-read your rota

I don’t really need to tell the story here…

The only way to get a customer service award is to get your Mum to nominate you

You can give amazing customer service to 99% of customers and none will send a compliment to the store. You can guarantee that 1% crappy customer will send a complaint though. Not salty at all…

Be specific when you ask your boyfriend to buy you Super Noodles

He will buy every flavour except for chicken. Who even eats any of the other flavours?

Wear a vest top under your work blouse

Or your button might pop and your area manager will see your boobs. I really don’t want to talk about that…

Don’t buy shrimp for your fish tank

They will hide in the plants and you’ll never see them and you’ll constantly think about that £7 you could’ve spent on something more useful, like bath bombs.

The shipping costs on Kylie Lip Kits will make you cry

But the product smells like vanilla cupcakes so that makes the tears sort of worth it.

Maybe you’re not crap at driving

Maybe it’s because your car is 15 years old. Go drive a new car, you’ll restore faith in yourself.

You don’t need to blog about the same things as everyone else

If you can’t think of things to blog about then just chat shit and people might like it. Only one way to find out!

I’m back in the game! Just a little more ‘me’ this time. I hope you enjoyed it. Please no questions on the boob thing – I can’t deal with it.



2 thoughts on “Life Lessons… Sort Of

  1. Rachel jose says:

    Yes!!!!! She’s bk that first one had me crying lol! I know exactly who that’s aimed at lol ! And I agree!!! Thank God your bk, these have really made my crappy day xxxx


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