My Swansea Story

My time in Swansea has come to an end. Here is a little timeline of all of the fabulous things that have happened since I moved there.

August 2015

We moved to Swansea on the 25th August 2015. The electric room in the basement was so so creepy.


September 2015

My friends from Cornwall came to visit.

Sep 201511987015_10153168149277029_8808979123536095308_n (1)

This cake I made for Max’s birthday made me realise that I needed to buy an apron…

On the 19th September we visited Cardiff.

I started my job at Lush on the 28th September.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 12.53.16

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 12.53.36


October 2015

Dan’s family came to visit and we explored Penllergaer woods.

Beth stayed with us during her tour around Wales.

2015-10-26 23.36.00

Dan’s friends visited us for Halloween.


November 2015

On the 1st of November I had a day full of Lush training in Cardiff with my wonderful friend Rachel♥

12208711_10153568688390202_8890705205580420360_n2015-11-01 10.53.11

I represented Lush at the Swansea Sparkle event with the lovely Aimee on the 7th November.


December 2015

It felt so festive in December.

Dan and I spent New Years Eve wrapped up in the duvet watching American Horror Story.


January 2016

At the beginning of the month I finished my Christmas job at Lush.


My Grandparents came to visit and Gran helped me and Dan make our first roast dinner.


February 2016

I started blogging in February!


We had a mini Super Bowl party and I made this massive cake for the occasion! It took us a week to eat it.


We visited West Midlands Safari Park with our friends a day before my birthday and it was so amazing!


When we got back from the safari park we celebrated my 20th birthday.


March 2016

In March I worked in London at a cycling event. I was so grateful for this opportunity as I was finally busy again!


April 2016

At the end of the month we celebrated Tim’s birthday with cake, drinks and face swaps.


May 2016 

Today (23rd) we are moving back home to Cornwall.


Thank you to everyone who made this journey so memorable! I met amazing people and I was given wonderful opportunities. I’ll miss you Swansea♥


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