TV Series That Are Worth Watching

I enjoy watching TV Series because the episodes arn’t as long as films but a lot happens because of the amount of episodes in a season. Dan and I have been watched quite a few TV Series since being together, it’s our thing to do when we have a free evening. Here are some of my faves.

Game Of Thrones


This will forever be my number one. When people tell me they haven’t watched GOT it upsets me but when people say they don’t like it, it infuriates me. It’s unlike any other show, anyone can die. You think they wont kill of that person because everyone loves them? They will, they’re gone, bye bye Ned!

American Horror Story


This one’s a bit more freaky but so so so good. There’s always an amazing plot twist and i the last couple of episodes in a season all is revealed and it makes sense. I love how they keep the same actors for each season but they play very different characters, I haven’t seen that be done before.

This Is England


A series that I never thought I’d really like, but I fell in love with. I felt like I really connected with the characters because this one is the most realistic than the others I’ve written about. I love how you can see the charcters grow up throughout the seasons. It was funny but so so so emotional and I’ll definitely rewatch the series one day.

Being Human


This is what we’re currently watching and I am absoloutely loving it! We’re about half way through and I love the characters and the story so much. It’s getting darker as the series is progressing which is keeping me hooked. I always want to watch another episode, it’s so addictive!

Let me know your favourite TV series in the comments!


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