April Favourites

April wasn’t really a month full of new purchases but I have found some things that I used to love – or have owned for a while and only now fallen in love with. Here are some things that I was obsessed with in April…

Rimmel Kate Lipstick in ’03’


I bought this lipstick years ago before I was really into make-up. I’ve only now really fallen in love with it. It’s so wearable and lasts really well. It also smells sooo good which is always a bonus!

Cappuccino 09


This is the £1 contour product that I have been constantly raving about. I wrote a whole blog post on it which you can read here.

Kerbside Violet

kerbside violet.jpg

My mum gave me this Lush perfume in the winter as she didn’t like the scent on her. I’ve only recently started to wear it. I think this is a great spring fragrance as it’s floral but slightly earthy. A lot of people say I smell like Parma Violets when I wear this – who doesn’t want to smell that good?!



I bought my first pair of Vans about 3 years ago, which I wore pretty much every day for a year until they fell apart on me. I bought a black pair at the beginning of last year when I started working and I had worn them until they were basically dead. When I went home last month I had a new pair waiting for me and I was so glad because I knew mine were almost unwearable. Thanks for my new Vans Mum, I love ’em!!

Blue Leather Jacket

Dan bought me this River Island jacket for Christmas in 2013. I must admit, I haven’t worn it much since receiving it mainly because I have never known how to style it! Spring has been strange this year, one minute it’s sunny and toasty and then BAM have a massive hailstorm. I need to wear something that would be suitable for snow and sun. This is the perfect in-between jacket and as I’m getting braver with fashion, I’m wearing this a lot more often.

Primark Cotton Pads


This is a pretty random favourite but these are literally the best cotton pads EVER. Firstly, they’re 50p for a pack of 120. Not only are they super cheap but they’re so soft and you never get cotton stuck to your nails or face or anywhere you use them. I’ll be buying a van load of these before we move back to Cornwall.

Side note: if anyone actually knows when Primark in Truro opens, please let me know!!

Check out last months favourites here!




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