The £1 Contour Product You Need To Try

Are there any other pale girls out there struggling to find an affordable contour shade that isn’t too warm toned? I may have discovered the perfect product for you…

I currently use the Barry M Chisel Cheeks contour kit but it’s super warm and makes me look a bit orangey if I apply too much. I’d really like to try the Kat Von D Shade and Light contour palette but it’s way out of my price range right now.

I bought this eye shadow from Poundland a few weeks ago along with a few other make-up products to try out. The colour is ‘Cappuccino 9’ and it’s a matte brown that’s slightly cool toned. I had intentions of using it as an eye shadow, but out of curiosity I tried it under my cheekbones and I was really impressed!

Here is a before and after:

In the ‘after’ image above I’ve used the product under my cheekbones, under my jawline and a tiny bit on the sides of my nose. This isn’t very warm toned so it goes wonderfully with my pale skin. It blends really easily and is pretty pigmented, considering the price!


I am so so so in love with this product! You can buy it online here (you can get a case of 12 for £12, I am so tempted!) or in-store at Poundland. This colour also works well in my brows and it’s a lovely neutral crease colour.

It really has blown me away, I can’t believe that my new staple contour product is £1!! I hope that everyone who reads this will give this little beauty a go!


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