My Top 5 Lush Products

Choosing 5 favourite Lush products was a massive challenge for me. I own a lot of Lush stuff and have tried a crazy amount of products. In no particular order, here are the products that made it to my top 5!

Rose Jam Shower Gel


This product is a Christmas limited edition which is why I use it sparingly! I only bought a small bottle and I regret not buying 10 huge ones. This smells floral and sweet and the scent stays on my skin all day. Luckily Lush provide products that are available all year round that share the Rose Jam scent, such as Pearl massage bar, Rose Jam bubbleroon and Jason And The Argan Oil shampoo bar.

Celestial Moisturiser


I’ve tried a few moisturisers from Lush but this is the one that my skin loves the most. It’s quite rich but not sticky. It’s perfect for my dry/combination skin and smells delicious too!

Brightside Bubble Bar


By far the best bubble bar ever made, in my opinion. This is HUGE! I can get about 6 baths out of this at a push. It’s smells like oranges, tangerines, satsumas all that jazz. I use this bubble bar all year round and it always makes me feel summery.

King of Skin Body Butter


King of Skin is a body butter that you use in-shower. Before you hop out, glide this along your skin, rinse off and pat dry. It leaves your skin so super soft and the ingredients are so natural and simple which makes it perfect for dry and sensitive skin.

Intergalactic Bath Bomb


I have tried so many bath bombs but this one tops them all. It’s like art when you pop it in the bath, the patterns this makes are so crazy – it’s comparable to a galaxy. It’s got a peppermint scent which I’m obsessed with and it’s full of glitter which I love love love! This is probably the most popular bath bomb Lush do and I totally get it!

This was genuinely a really tough decision for me to make! There are tons more Lush products that I am in love with, these ones are just super special.

See you soon!

Beth x

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