March Favourites


I’ve been a bit slack over Easter, I went back home to Cornwall for 10 days and it was so lovely. I’ve hardly been on social media and didn’t take my laptop home which is why this post is a week late. These were my favourite things in March!


Makeup Revolution

Last month I bought my first ever Makeup Revolution products and I was not disappointed. I got the Blushing Hearts triple baked blusher in ‘Peachy Pink Kisses’. I use this as a highlight instead of a blush because it’s super shimmery; I love it nonetheless. The eyeshadows have AMAZING pigmentation. These palettes are £4 each and are great dupes for the Urban Decay naked palettes. Love love love!!!



When I worked in Lush a lot of my co-workers raved about Ultrabland but I was never that keen. I bought a pot when I was home for Easter so I could give it another try. I don’t know why I never enjoyed this product because it’s now definitely going to be an essential for me! This removes my mascara so quickly and easily – I’m obsessed!

Primark Nails


This is something that I thought would never in a million years be in my favourites. Okay, so the glue is pants but when you use a good nail glue (I use elegant touch) these are absolutely amazing. I file the claw-like ones to make them less dangerous but for £1 you really can’t go wrong. They have so many different colours, shapes and designs too so there’s something for everyone!

Denim Dungaree Dress


Another Primark fave! I bought this a couple of months ago (I can’t remember if it was £10 or £13) and I’ve pretty much been wearing it ever since. I love to pair this with a long sleeve crop top or a basic stripy tee. For me, this is definitely a Spring staple and you can wear it into Summer without tights so I’ll continue to get a lot a wear out of this!

Batiste Dry Shampoo


I bought this before I went to London to work at the beginning of March. I worked crazy long hours over 5 days and knew that I’d have next to no time to wash my hair. I hadn’t used dry shampoo for so long but I’ve now been reminded on how much of a life saver this stuff is!

Star Wars: Battlefront


I bought this for Dan for Christmas, but recently I’ve been playing it more. I used to play MW3 when it was ‘all the rage’ and the controls and online games are similar but with droids and shit. The only downside is that it doesn’t really have a campaign mode, but I can cope because the online is so so so good!

Geordie Shore


This is my ultimate guilty pleasure. I love the drama, kick-offs, banter I love love love it! I always thought I’d hate it but it’s just too funny! I know that I’ll never live that sort of life which is why I enjoy watching it. Why aye man!

Scrambled Eggs on Toast


So basically, in March I learned how to make the perfect scrambled eggs and ever since I’ve eaten copious amounts. If you ever want a bleddy good scrambled egg, I’m your gal!

Soooo that’s all of my favourite things from last month! I’m looking forward to doing these every month so I can go back to see what I loved from before.

See ya later,

Beth x

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