Lush Around The Home


It’s only when people come over and point it out that I realise how much Lush I actually have. Although most of my collection can be found in the bathroom, there’s at least one Lush product in every room. Here’s how I manage to incorporate so much Lush into my home:



The soap I’m currently using in the kitchen is Outback Mate. It’s full of peppermint, eucalyptus and lemongrass so it’s super fresh and cleansing. I also keep a pot of Love and Light hand cream by the sink to keep my hands moisturised after doing the dishes.


Most of the time there is a fresh face mask in the fridge. Fresh masks need to be kept in the fridge because they’re all made with loads of fresh ingredients. My favourite at the moment is Oatifix. It does magical things for my dry skin during colder months!

Living Room


People might question your sanity when you’re leaving bath bombs around the house but the scent from a bath bomb can be so strong (and they’re so pretty so you can definitely pretend they’re ornaments, right?). Rose Bombshell is making my flat smell beautiful right now!


This is the box from a Mother’s Day gift set I treated myself to last month. I bought this mainly because I love the design and I now keep it on display in my bookshelf. You can read my thoughts on the products inside of this gift set in my February Lush Haul.



I like to proudly display my skincare essentials in my bedroom. It makes me look as though I spend lots of time on my skin when it actually only takes me a few minutes! I wrote a whole post on my skincare routine! Check it out here.


I like to keep a hand cream on my bedside table because, for me, there’s nothing worse than waking up in the night with dry hands. Karma is my mum’s favourite Lush scent so when I use this it reminds me of home❤️



On my bathroom sink I have Sunrise soap. This smells like oranges and is probably my favourite scent from Lush ever. Dan’s Prince shaving cream lives here too. It’s really moisturising and doesn’t irritate the skin after a shave.



And this is the best bit! Who even needs that many shower gels?! Imagine the amount of baths I’ll have to take to get through all of those bath bombs! Nevertheless I cannot stop buying more products, especially with all of the seasonal items Lush have been bringing out recently.

So there’s a few ideas on how to take Lush from the bathroom and into the home! I’d love to know how everyone else uses Lush products in their homes! Leave your ideas in the comments:)

Beth x

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