Lush Skincare Essentials

Hello everybody!


I thought I’d show you what Lush skincare I use. I have dry/combination skin, some days my skin will be very dry and other days I’ll be oily in places. I always use Lush because they are a company that are cruelty free, 100% vegetarian and they make the most amazing products to suit all skin types.

Cleanser/Make-up Remover


I use 9 to 5 to cleanse my skin in the morning, and to cleanse and remove my make-up before I go to bed. I squeeze a 50p size blob onto my fingers and massage it into my skin. Before I worked for Lush I used wipes to remove my make-up (I know, what was I doing?!). I thought it was easier and quicker until I used this miracle product. I’m too impatient to spend hours on my skincare so this is perfect for me! I also raved about this in my February Lush haul which you can check out here.



After cleansing I spritz Eau Roma Water onto a couple of cotton pads and wipe all over my face. This removes the cleanser and any leftover make-up residue. It’s made with rose and lavender so this is a great product for sensitive skin and the rose helps to calm redness. This isn’t drying at all which is great for my skin type! 9 to 5 and Eau Roma Water are a match made in heaven♥



The moisturiser I use from Lush is Celestial. It’s super hydrating and great for sensitive skin. One of the main ingredients is vanilla water which makes this moisturiser smell like white chocolate! I apply this twice daily and a little goes a long way so it’s great value for money. Although I find it to be quite rich, it sinks in quickly and doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky. I don’t think I’ll ever be converted to a moisturiser that isn’t this one!

Eye Cream


I’ve had this sample pot of Enchanted Eye Cream for about 2 months now and I feel like it’s never going to run out. You only need to use a tiny bit of this cream and it goes sooo far! It’s really light and delicate which is perfect for the skin around your eyes. I will definitely purchase this when I run out and I expect that it will last for a lifetime!

Spot Treatment


My Grease Lightening spot treatment comes everywhere with me which is why the label has been defaced. This is really, really good stuff! It’s best to apply this before the spot has fully erupted so it has a chance to work it’s magic and bring the spot down. I usually apply it before bed as the gel-like formula dries onto the spot and it isn’t really an attractive look. When I wake up in the morning my spots are always so much smaller and after a couple of treatments they’re almost gone! I recommend this to everyone, just like the eye cream this is going to last you forever.

Lip Scrub


I keep this Bubblegum Lip Scrub in my bag at all times; I keep a different flavour in my make-up bag so I remember to use it before applying lipstick. It’s the quickest and easiest way to get soft lips instantly. All you need to do is take a pinch and scrub the product straight onto your lips. As the scrub is made from caster sugar you just lick it off and you’re good to go! This could be a great addition to anyone’s skincare routine, especially in the winter months when chapped lips are a major problem for a lot of people. Lush lip scrubs come in an array of flavours so there’s something for everyone!

Face Masks

Face masks always make me feel super pampered. I use them about twice a week and apply them before I get in the bath and remove them just before I get out of the bath. Two of my favourites are Oatifix and Love Lettuce. Oatifix is great for hydrating the skin because it contains illipe butter and bananas. It’s also full of oats which exfoliate the skin so gently that you can’t even feel it. Love Lettuce is great for combination skin and is full of ground almond shells which give a natural exfoliation. I love using this mask when my skin is oily in places as it seems to absorb any excess oils. It contains lavender which makes it calming on the skin and is great if you’re sensitive!

What are your skincare essentials? Please let me know all of your favourites in the comments!

See you soon,

Beth x

5 thoughts on “Lush Skincare Essentials

  1. lucieleannexo says:

    Loved this post! I’m also a big fan of Celestial and it’s white chocolate scent.
    The spot treatment sounds great so will definitely put that on my wishlist.
    Lucie xo |


    • bethinthebath says:

      Thank you! It was my mum who converted me to Celestial 🙂
      The spot treatment is definitely worth getting, it will last forever x


  2. littlethoughtsadmin says:

    I use Grease Lightning too! 😊
    I may give 9 to 5 a try – I’m also quite impatient and I can’t be bothered with a massive skincare routine so this sounds ideal for me. Does it actually take your makeup off, or should I remove my makeup and then use 9 to 5? xx

    Hannah |


    • bethinthebath says:

      I find it removes my foundation well but it takes a bit more product and elbow grease to remove eye makeup so now I use it in the mornings to cleanse. I’ve recently started using Ultrabland from Lush as my makeup remover. It removes mascara amazingly! But it’s quite oily and needs to be removed with a cloth and warm water or a toner water.
      9-5 would definitely work wonderfully as a cleanser after you remove your make-up and is much less faff than Ultrabland!
      I love both products, I think it comes down to personal preference! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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