February Lush Haul

Hello lovely people!

I ordered a couple of gifts from Lush last week and whilst I was there I thought, why not pick up some treats for me?! It’s safe to say that I got a bit carried away!

Here’s everything I bought minus the gift sets (in case the recipient sees this!):

Shower Gels


Yummy Mummy is the beautiful limited edition Mother’s Day shower gel. My Mum had this last year and I was obsessed with the scent. Unbeknown to her I used this very regularly which is probably why she ran out so quickly (sorry Mum!). It smells floral with fruity notes of strawberry. This year it’s a cream rather than a gel so it’s super moisturising which is perfect for my dry skin!


Don’t Rain On My Parade was released when the Oxford Street store opened last year. I believe that it is now available in larger Lush stores and it’s also available online so I popped one into my basket whilst I was there. It’s so different to the other Lush shower gels I’ve tried. It smells like parma violets (similar to Daddy-O shampoo) but it’s a bit earthier. It’s also made with blueberry juice which adds a fruitiness.



Sunrise is the limited edition Mother’s Day soap. It is probably my favourite soap of all time and it shares it’s fragrance with Brightside which is favourite bubble bar. The scent is pretty much pure orange. It’s so fruity, it’s smells as if someone has just peeled an orange which is one of my favourite smells! This one is on my bathroom sink so every time I was my hands I can be reminded of the beautiful scent. I will definitely be buying so much more of this to last me through the summer. It’s a really fresh, summery scent so this will be perfect for sunny days! This soap also contains chunks of murumuru butter so it’s super moisturising too!



9 to 5 is the best make-up remover I have ever used. It’s so quick and easy which is perfect for me because I’m pretty lazy with my skincare and I find it tedious to spend ages cleansing. If I’m not wearing much make-up then I’ll squeeze a little bit of lotion out onto a cotton pad and wipe it all over my face. If I am wearing heavy eye make-up then I squeeze the product straight onto my hands and massage it thoroughly into my skin. I find that this is the best method to combat lots of mascara. I then remove it with Eau Roma Water which picks up any residue left on my skin.


Dream Steam is a little tablet that you can use to steam your face with. All you need to do is pop it into a bowl of boiling water and place your head over it. The steam will open up your pores and tone your skin. Because this steamer tab contains lavender, it’s going to be very soothing and gentle on the skin. I’m saving this one for a bad day so that I can have a full on pamper!

Bath Bombs

Rose Bombshell is the limited edition Mother’s Day bath bomb. It shares it’s scent with the beautiful Rose Jam shower gel which is exclusive to Christmastime. When you give this bath bomb a shake you can hear rose petals inside. I can’t wait to use this one but I might have to buy another to keep because it’s just so pretty!

Guardian Of The Forest is another product that was released when the flagship store, Oxford Street, opened. I’ve wanted this one for so long but every time I’ve ordered online it’s been out of stock. It has quite an earthy scent; it reminds me of freshly mowed grass. When Dan smelled it he told me that it was his favourite one. I might need to put in another order before he steals mine!

Lover Lamp is the 2016 Valentine’s Day bath bomb. I tried this one not long ago and had to buy more because it was so wonderful! It has a lovely chocolate-orangey scent which is something I’ve never really smelled in another Lush product before. It contains lots of tiny red hearts and 3 larger hearts made out of cocoa butter. The small hearts dissolve but the large ones hardly melt. When I used this in the bath I waited until I was about to get out until I used the cocoa butter hearts. I crushed them in my hand and applied them to my skin like a body conditioner. I rinsed it off after a minute or two and then patted dry. My skin was so soft and it meant I didn’t need to moisturise afterwards!

Frozen was released with Oxford Street but is now available in all Lush stores and online. It has a very fresh scent. It’s full of neroli oil which is scientifically proven to boost serotonin levels (serotonin is a happy hormone!) which makes this product perfect for when you need cheering up. This bath bomb is performs a great show in the bath. It’s full of silver lustre which is perfect before a night out. This bath bomb can make you look good and feel good!

Gift Sets


I treated myself to the Just For Mum gift set (this is actually just for me!). It contains 5 bath bombs: Yoga Bomb, Intergalactic, Rose Bombshell, Guardian Of The Forest & Twilight. The design of the box drew me to this gift set, I love the style of it and the colours. Also, I’m someone who takes about 3-4 baths a week so I can never have too many bath bombs!

Favourite Haul Product


My favourite product out of everything I bought has to be the Ladybird bubble bar. Oh my goodness!! Not only does this look adorable, it smells absolutely delicious! It reminds me of pear drops but also has a minty note to it. I’m going to find it hard to use this little guy – how could I crumble up that little face?! Basically I want to buy twenty and have a little Lush Ladybird farm in my bathroom. If you buy anything from the 2016 Lush Mother’s Day range please buy this!!

And that’s everything! I’m going to try and hold back on buying Lush for a little while (unless I’m purchasing Ladybirds for the farm) because I have 13 shower gels and I cannot justify my purchases any more!

Have you tried any products from the Lush Mother’s Day range? Let me know your favourites in the comments!

Speak soon,

Beth x


Did you know that Ecoflow is biodegradable? You can dissolve it in water to save space in your bin!


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