My Lush Trial Shift Experience

Hello again!


As promised I am here to tell you all about my Lush trial shift.

I had my trial shift about 5 days after my interview. I believe that I was the second person to have theirs which I was so glad about because I hate waiting! I felt so nervous as I approached the store. Two sales assistants greeted me, they were so kind and welcoming. They took me through the back where I met the assistant manager and a supervisor. The supervisor was the same lovely lady who was there for the interview. I felt so relieved because I knew that she was going to be super nice!

She gave me a tour around the shop and showed me briefly where everything was. It’s a small store that I’m quite familiar with as I always went there whilst visiting Dan. She asked me about my product knowledge and I explained that I’m obsessed with the company and their products and we ended up having a good ol’ chat about it all.

We went out to the back again and she explained that I’ll be on the shop floor for about 30 minutes/an hour. It was obviously quite quiet that day but she told me to just try and greet everyone that comes in, give them a chance to look around and then approach after a few minutes. She gave me an apron to wear and I was ready to go!

It was so quiet. I don’t think I’d ever seen the shop that quiet before. A couple of customers had come in but didn’t need my help. I was panicking and I think it was obvious. I must’ve been on the shop floor for 40 minutes and only said “hello” and “are you getting on ok there?” a few times. I hadn’t given any demonstrations or hand massages or even said more than a few words to someone! I wanted the job so bad and I felt hopeless.

Three quarters of an hour into the shift a man came in obviously looking for something in particular. I’ve never felt so happy to see a stranger in my life. He approached me before I even had the chance to greet him. He was looking for a shampoo to strengthen damaged hair. My product knowledge wasn’t perfect at the time but I gave it my best shot. We went through a few different products and I demonstrated the consistency and lather on my own hands. He ended up buying a 500g bottle of Rehab shampoo and I could’ve cried tears of joy! It’s what I needed to boost my confidence and give me hope.

A couple of minutes later the lovely supervisor called me back into the staff room. She offered me the job and we shared a hug as I accepted it. I had to stay and sign a few forms and they asked me to start in the next week. I practically ran back to the flat, I wanted to tell everyone straight away! All of my friends and family were so excited for me and my Mum was so proud.

I think I was extremely unlucky to get a quiet day in a Lush store. If you have a trial shift in Lush coming up don’t be too worried, mine was in a tiny store and even then it’s usually packed! Just be friendly and enjoy it!


Beth x




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