My Lush Group Interview Experience

Hello everyone!


I wanted to write this post to help anybody who is awaiting their interview with Lush and want to know what to expect. Before mine I read so many blog posts like this and I felt so much better going into the interview! Although all Lush interviews are different, this should give you a rough idea of what to expect:

In mid August 2015 I applied for a Christmas Temporary Sales Assistant position in a Lush store in South Wales. The position came up at the perfect time as I was moving to South Wales at the end of August. About 2 weeks after the move I had an email for the store with an invite to a group interview. I was told to wear what I feel comfortable in and to bring an item that represents me.

By this point I was so incredibly excited! I had only been a Lush fan for about 10 months but it was true love from my first bath bomb. I knew that I wanted to bring my handmade copper bunny to represent me but I’d left it at home and it was too fragile to send in the post. Luckily a few friends were visiting before my interview so they picked it up from my Mum’s and brought it up for me. (Best friends ever!)

A couple of weeks had passed and it was interview day. Dan bought me a white shirt with bunnies on from H&M as a sort of good luck/you’re-about-to-get-your-dream-job present. I felt so much more confident. I wore this with black disco pants and my all-black Vans.

interview me


The interview was at 6:30pm at the store. I got there about 10 minutes early and there were so many people outside. When they opened the doors there were about 25-30 of us. We all wrote our names on labels and put our bags/coats under a table at the front of the store. We were separated into 4 groups of about 6/7. There were 4 different activities for us to do in our groups. The first activity for my group was learning how to do hand & arm massages. My hands were so cold so I couldn’t get the massage bar to warm up and melt (sorry to the girl who got a dry and cold massage from me!). It was so interesting to learn though, and I was taking it all in hoping that I could impress the staff if I got a trial shift!

Our group then had to talk about our item that represents us. I felt confident doing this as I had been practising what I was going to say for 2 weeks. I really wanted to make an impression as this was the assistant manager’s activity. She asked lots of questions about mine and I felt confident in my answers.

The third station was with the loveliest woman I have ever met. She was so friendly and welcoming, I loved her straight away! This time we had to pick a question out of a bag and answer it on the spot. The questions I got were “if you were an animal what would you be?” and “what is your favourite book?”. I answered these without hesitation and once we’d all finished we just had a big chat. I felt silly for being so nervous because the interview was so relaxed and everyone was really lovely.

The last activity was to design a new innovative product. Our group designed a monochrome bath bomb as it’s something Lush doesn’t offer. We were told that they don’t use black in the bath bombs as it turns the bath water grey. I think they just wanted to see how we worked within a team, they weren’t serious designs.

At the end of the interview we had to give them our availability. I was nervous to tell them that I wanted to go home for Christmas because I thought it would affect my chances of getting a job. I told them I could potentially work on Christmas Eve and they said it was completely understandable! As I was leaving they asked me if I preferred bath or shower. I said bath and they gave me a goody bag with a sakura bath bomb, a sample of pink peppermint foot lotion and a copy of the Lush Times.



A few days after the interview I had a phone call from the assistant manager. She invited me to come to the store for a trial shift that week. I was completely over the moon! I obviously accepted and was told to bring my right to work documents (in case I was successful) and to wear black and white clothes with closed-toe shoes.

I will write a separate post on my trial shift experience because this one has been pretty long already! Be sure to check it out if you have a trial shift coming up, it helped me so much to read about the experiences of others!

Congratulations if you’ve read this far! And good luck if you have a Lush interview coming up there’s no need to worry, just be yourself and have fun!


See you soon,

Beth x

One thought on “My Lush Group Interview Experience

  1. whatsnextforali? says:

    Congrats! I had my interview last week but i didnt get the job sadly. Apparently i didnt ask enough questions at the perfume stand! Loved the post! Maybe you could check out my blog? Possibly give it a follow? Much Love – Ali


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